Purrito Pet Wrap - Purrito Grande

(Large) 10lbs - 20lbs

Purrito Pet Wrap - Purrito Regular

(Medium) 6lbs - 10lbs

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Purrito Pet Wrap - Purrito Poquito

(Small) 6lbs & under

Secure. Calm. Care.

Colors and patterns may vary.  Orders filled as they come in - expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. Hand made in the USA. USA orders only! 

The Purrito Pet Wrap is patented (Patent ID D756043) and trademarked, 2016.  

Copyright 2016-17 Purrito Pet Wrap 

Due to manufacturing delays, we are taking the Purrito temporarily off the market.

Stop stressing yourself and your pet!!

Aren't you tired of chasing your pet around to clean its ears or brush its teeth while its growling, hissing, snapping at your fingers?!  You don't have to battle the land shark anymore.  Don't take your pet to the vet's office just to give it medication.  

Do it yourself at home, in a stress free environment with Purrito Pet Wrap! 

Secure. Calm. Care. 

The Purrito Pet Wrap is a patented pet textile that is specially designed to swaddle, secure,andcalm a cat or small breed dog.  The Purrito design utilizes sturdy double-sided quilted polyester filled textile with strategically located hook and loop fasteners.  This secures the pet for  administering treatments such as: swab and wash ears, clean chins, brush teeth, administer medications (pills, liquids, eye drops, and ear drops), hydrate with fluids, oral syringe feeding, and administering monthly topical treatments. Simplified and stress free.  

The Purrito Pet Wrap secures and calms a cat or small dog, empowering pet caregivers to provide previously difficult to administer treatments at home.  Veterinary professionals won't waste time wrestling a cat into a zippered grooming bag!  

Three Sizes to Choose From: 

Purrito Poquito (small) - Fits cats and small dogs 6 lbs and under (kittens will not fit because their neck size is too small)

Purrito Regular (medium) - Fits cats and small dogs 6-10 lbs

Purrito Grande (large) - Fits cats and small dogs 10 - 20 lbs (approximately)

If your pet is long, consider ordering the large size to accommodate this.